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Running Head: LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX: THE OFFENDER LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX: THE OFFENDER: FINAL THOUGHTS Shara Anjelica Armprester Buffalo State College CRJ 470W Advanced Seminar in Criminal Justice Professor Glenda Kelmes December 13, 2011 Abstract Many of the policies created by the criminal justice system in the United States are created because of moral panic. In terms of the Sex Offender Registry Act there have been very little implication that ensure the convicted offender will not recidivate. Often times sex offenders location on the registry may be incorrect or community notification fail reach the community in which the offender resides. The recent concern with sex offender registry has been that punishments have been overboard and based on inaccurate measures of who the offender is. To be effective sex offender registries must be based on reliable evidence. Most sex offenders have a low recidivism rate. Many polices in the United States have been based on politics, media and emotion. Registration in most places in the United States is required no matter how low the offender recidivism rate is. The United States has a punitive criminal justice system. The question posed today is, Is the US criminal justice system failing when creating polices such as the Sex Offender Registry Act. In this paper…show more content…
There is not a specific race or ethnicity that donates what a sex offender should be. There is no way to profile a person as a sex offender. Although we may have a mindset that may to depict an offender as a stranger or a physiologically deranged person this is not the case. In this paper we will examine who and what sex offenders are. We will also look at laws that are set in place to deter offenders from committing further sex crimes. Also we will analyze ways in which we can make the laws set in place more efficient. The

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