How Psychopaths Are Created

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How Psychopaths are Created Does society create Psychopaths and mass murderers? This is a question asked not only by this topic, of serial killers but in psychology and sociology in general. Are we given these certain traits and characteristics genetically when we are brought into this world? Or are we affected by society around us that end up make us build these traits? Into this world with these characteristics built genetically in us? When it comes to Psychopaths and their crazy tendencies, they are affected by society to make them who they are. Since a very young age, when humans are still developing and are not considered mature yet, people around them and what they interact with drastically changes their behavior. For example, Ted Bundy, a well-known murderer and rapist who approximately killed 30 women in his life, has admitted on an interview before he was killed that his childhood may have had an effect to him. “He said that the ‘hard-core’ pornography that he was exposed to could take responsibility for the murders. However, it is believed that he may have been in denial and refused to admit to family issues to protect them (Psychology of Psychopaths)”. No matter if the case was the hard-core pornography or his family, these are both components found within society that nurtured him into what he was later on in his life. Having troubled parents will lead to improper behavior and conduct, also being shown explicit videos such as porn at such a young age does affect the child's actions. In fact, whether it was the pornography or his family he would’ve been socialized by the same person and that would be his grandfather, an abusive racist who showcased the pornography to Ted at his developing years as a child. There are many more factors that lead to psychopathic behaviors, such as childhood diets. Experts claim, “Childhood diets could also influence

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