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Sex Trafficking of Children in the United States I As bad as it may seem or sound, child trafficking is actually happening in the world and has been going on for years. Federally funded human trafficking task forces opened 2,515 suspected incidents of human trafficking for investigation between January 2008 and June 2010. Most suspected incidents of human trafficking were classified as sex trafficking (82%), including more than 1,200 incidents with allegations of adult sex trafficking and more than 1,000 incidents with allegations of prostitution or sexual exploitation of a child (U.S. Department of Justice). This concludes that majority of the incidents of human trafficking are women and children being sexually exploited. Therefore, I…show more content…
According to the U.S. National Study: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the U. S., Canada and Mexico, factors that contribute to child sex trafficking is broken down into three groups: macro/contextual factors, i.e. external broad-based social processes that exist in the larger environment over which individuals can exercise only minimal control; 2) micro/situational factors, i.e., external processes and events that impact individuals directly and over which they can exert some measure of control; and 3) individual/internal factors, i.e., cognitive and psychogenic forces that influence a person’s sense of mastery over her/his own personal environment and future. This breaks factors into groups that we, as social workers, can lean on and learn to prevent some of these factors. For example, a macro factor would be child victims of crime and violence. These children are more likely to be runaways and fall into becoming victims of sex trafficking. We can prevent these children from running away in the first place if we can stop child violence, such as child abuse from adults or even other children or siblings. An example of micro factor would be active recruitments into prostitution from peers or pimps. Victims may be talked into these acts, believing that this is the best way to make money. We, as social workers, should inform these teens with workshops and…show more content…
As a social worker, I must take control of the surrounding community and help them to understand the dangers and effects of child trafficking. Whether they are being sold for sex, working hard and long hours for little to no pay or being forced to kill, no child should have to suffer being trafficked. There should be more organizations that can talk to communities and teach them how to spot out victims and teach their children or young family members how to spot out and stay away from the

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