The Rights As A Sex Offender

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Do offenders of the law have all the rights as a citizen who obeys the law? Is there certain offences that warrant less rights as a human being, or should everyone no matter what be treated the same when it comes to there constitutional rights. Should a person convicted of a violent sexual offence be treated the same as someone who committed a non-violent drug crime? This paper will be focusing on sex offender registration, punishment, Sex offender registration, the rights as a sex offender, the safety of a community that has sex offenders living in it and the rights of the people living in the same area as a sex offender. Posting as an F.B.I. agent and armed with a hit list he printed off the internet, Michael Anthony Mullen…show more content…
technical name of the offence, description of the offence and less then half of the web sites list the level of risk of the offender. Increasingly states are including description of the offenders car, license plate, online maps to the offenders residence, name and offenders of the offenders employer, and even click to print fliers for easy distribution. The definition for sex offender means many different things. One type of sex 3 offender could be a rapist while another might be an 18 year old boy having sex with a 15 year old girl. As I had learned just recently that there was a 10 year old caught touching girls 5 years old in ways that he should not have been. Now that I live in such a small town everyone here knows who the kid is and the parents sent him away for the entire summer. Now I know for a fact that this boy has been in my back yard playing with
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