why men rape??

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Why men rape Men rape not for sex but for control. Rape is an assault by a person using sexual intercourse or sexual invasion of another person without their consent. Rape is considered a serious sex crime, as well as a civil assault. Men who become rapist grow up in an environment where they are battered, molested, or see their mothers or siblings being abused. Therefore their freedoms are taken away in their childhood and teen years because they are unable to help or get out of the situation. As a result most men with that child hood become rapist. They feel they gain control and feel dominate when raping their victim. They look for a victim that reminds them of their innocent mother, or siblings. They do this to remind them of when they were growing up. I believe their behavior has to do with several psychological approaches. The approaches are behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and psychodynamic. Rapists grow up in an environment that is unpleasant. They see and hear things that make them have psychological issues. Later many rapists express themselves by raping victims to get back at their childhood. Rapists are brought up in an environment where their control does not have any meaning. A psychological approach that affects rapist minds is the behavioral approach. The behavioral approach is “based on the concept of explaining behavior through observation, and the belief that our environment is what causes us to behave differently or suffer illnesses. An environment of a child has a huge impact on the child’s life. A child home is supposed to be their sanctuary. Therefore, if a child sanctuary is interrupted, they will grow up with problems. Regardless of what a child has to deal with on the outside world they should be able to come home without having any stress or worries. However a rapist childhood home

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