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Re-Entry of Sex Offenders Francina Moore CRJ422: Criminal Justice Capstone Professor: Robert Jackson February 16th, 2011 One of the worst crimes in the world is a sex crime. Sex crimes are committed by both men and women from all ages. These are crimes that is committed when an individual have sex with an individual without their consent. Statutory rape is when the sex may be consensual, but one person may be old enough to be the victim mother or father, and that person can…show more content…
It’s not like going to a rehabilitation program for drugs or alcohol. How can a rehabilitation program help a sex predator from re-offending? When a sex offender enters a rehabilitation program, the program tries to get to the root of the problem. They try to go into the offender mind and help them to remember if they were abused while they were children as well. At times abusers will block out their abuse they may have experienced as a child. There is anger there, but by acting out with sex crimes, it helps them to forget the abuse…show more content…
While in prison, sex offenders will start treatment. “This program is to help offenders learn how to reduce and mange risk, provide information to help the department and its community partners monitor and manage offenders more effectively and evaluating and improving treatment.” (Sex Offender Treatment in Prison) “Sex offending usually is a learned behavior therefore a key pillar of the treatment is that offenders can learn to avoid sexual aggression as well as the skills they need to live responsibility in the community.” (Sex Offender Treatment in Prison) The article from the Department of Washington State adds that treatment begins with comprehensive assessments that include psychological tests, clinical interviews and other techniques designed to define treatment goals and strategies for each other. In these therapy sessions, the offenders must “take responsibility for their assaultive behavior, learn how to understand their patterns of criminal behavior, learn relapse prevention and other management skills to reduce risk of re-offense, learn the attitudes, thinking skills and behaviors needed to safely reside in the community and prepare to learn new skills and knowledge.” (Sex Offender Treatment in Prison) The treatment program is to help the offender to be able to understand why he/she do what they do and to learn how to handle temptation

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