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Running Header: STOP THE INCARCERATION AND START THE REHABILITATION 1 Stop the Incarceration and Start the Rehabilitation Amber Pritt English 215 Professor Dorothy Hoerr December 8th 2013 STOP THE INCARCERATION AND START THE REHABILITATION 2 Abstract About 9,700 American prisoners are serving life sentences for crimes they committed before they could vote, serve on a jury or gamble in a casino - in short, before they turned 18. More than a fifth have no chance for parole. Juvenile criminals are serving life terms in at least 48 states. The increased prosecution of juveniles in adult court is another failed “get tough” policy which is excessive and harmful to children and does nothing to increase…show more content…
They STOP THE INCARCERATION AND START THE REHABILITATION 15 participate in anger management courses and substance abuse counseling if necessary, and do manual labor on the facility grounds or in the community.(Clark, 2013). Although shock incarceration is a better solution then adult prisons, it has been criticized over its incidents involving abuse of inmates by staff. (Cullen, 2012) Punishment and rehabilitation are a major part of the criminal justice system and will be effective in controlling crime if there is a way to incorporate the two factors to work together. Punishing and following up with rehabilitation through community supervision can help prevent crime. Punishment and community supervision should be based on the type of crime. If the appropriate sentence is issued upon a minor, it can help prevent them from future criminal activity. Each act of violent crime is different and every minor has a different back story. Once the crime is committed, the next step should be having a social worker and therapist speak with the minor. In most cases the behavior is just the act of an unknown source in their
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