Sex Education..The Pro's And Con's

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Sex Education in Schools Sex education in schools is a topic often debated on between parents and schools faculty. There is little communication between the parents and faculty regarding what is taught in these classes. Most classes being taught preach abstinence instead of teaching comprehensive education. Children need to have options to be able to make educated decisions when it comes to sex. Confusion and misinformation is what leads most teenagers to make uneducated choices in their sexual activities. With the information obtained, this can show people that there needs to be a policy change. We need to keep the sex education information flowing in the school systems and be more open to public discussion. It’s important to maintain comprehensive information in regards to sex education. Parents should take a more active role in determining the information and content that is provided to their children in regards to what is taught about sex education. In a case study it showed too often “…parents rate themselves as most important in determining sexuality education content, nearly a quarter of parents were not even aware that their children received sexuality education in school”. (Foust) It’s critical that parents take an active interest in content of information that is given to the children and to be aware that they are being taught mostly about abstinence. Most of the information that is given to the students is about abstinence only vs. comprehensive education that is teaching both about abstinence and contraceptive use. It’s shown with comprehensive education it’s “…successful in delaying sexual intercourse and increasing condom and contraceptive use among sexually active adolescents”. (Foust) Whether or not someone is going to be sexually active they are entitled to important information. Just because they have the information does not mean they will be

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