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Kids Who Think Drugs are the Answer Warner, Judith. “Parents Created This Problem, and Must Address It”. The New York Times. 9 June 2012. Web. 11 June 2012. Judith Warner wrote an articled titled “Parents Created This Problem, and Must Address It,” where she tackles the continually dangerous and rising issue of students who are using drugs to make them focus in school and on school work. The drugs being abused are most commonly Ritalin and Adderall, which is medication prescribed to people with A.D.H.D., but however are being used by a countless number of students. Warner argues that this is very dangerous to kids and the pressure of parents on their kids to do well in school…show more content…
She avidly believes that the pressures at home from parents on their children to do outstanding in school is linked to the reasons kids turn to drugs to make them focus harder and longer. One of the author’s main claims is that students believe that the drugs help them in school when in truth Warner’s research shows a negative link between academic progress and the use of these stimulants. She uses research and statistics to prove her claim of how students falsely believe the drugs progress their advancement in school. However, her other main claim on how the parents are responsible for their children abusing the drugs lacks hard evidence or proof of that being the main reason for students to lead to the drug misuse. She does make it clear that this article is strongly intended for parents of students, especially ones to put heavy pressure and expectations on their kids to do exceedingly well in…show more content…
I agree with everything she has to say and would provide many persuading facts and ideas in my own essay on abusing these drugs. She also provides an idea of why this is happening that most others would not think to blame and offers solutions that most others would not consider as well. Clearly she has done much thinking on the matter and can provide new and potentially successful ways of looking at this problem for most all readers. The abuse of these drugs is one I have seen first hand in students and reading this article showed me just how common this issue is becoming. Warner’s article and ideas have made me more interested in just how serious this is becoming in students and made me want to look more into the concern and some other potential

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