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English 100 May 6, 2008 Prescribed Addiction The persistent problem with the addiction and misuse of prescription drugs is affecting the way people live on a daily basis. One problem that is not helping with this rising epidemic of the abuse of prescription drugs is the availability of these types of drugs. Addiction to some types of prescription drugs can begin unintentionally after being prescribed the drug. Due to the major problem with illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and crack, prescription drug abuse has not been looked at as a major priority in our society. There is promotion of prescription drug abuse among the youth figures in our society, due to the pressures to be successful in school. In nearly all cases prescription drug abuse affects school, work, and the everyday life of the user. Teens participating in “pharming” parties elevate the dangers of prescription drug use to a whole new level by combing drugs not meant to be used together. The availability of these prescription drugs is adding to the growing amount of abuse in society. If we don’t act soon on curbing the availability of…show more content…
There's the extreme competition for college entrance, including competition for Advanced Placement and Honors courses in high school. Students want to tone the pressures of college down with the use of painkillers, sedatives, or stimulants. Many students will abuse Ritalin or Adderal during school days then abuse a stimulant over the weekend to relieve stress or unwind. The abuse of the stimulant Ritalin, a drug used for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is on the rise along with the drug Adderal (Colvin). The harm often associated with these drugs is often not realized until it is too late. These drugs are extremely appealing to college students because they provide them with the ability to pull all night study sessions to cram for tests

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