Pressure To Succeed In School

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Alex Kuznetsov En 101.21456 Professor Decker argument and persuasion essay 12 November 2011 Pressure to Succeed in School Students in the 21st century have a great amount of pressure to succeed in school. This may be because of the increase in amount of college bound students. With a larger pool of people attending college, students feel pressured to compete against one another to do better in school. Some students who have trouble keeping up with their classmates may resort to cheating. This cheating may occur occur because student want to get into good graduate programs, the increased emphasis is on higher education in the 21 century, and a difficulty in balancing out school, work, and extracurricular activities. Students that are already in college and want to get good grades often resort to cheating. This cheating could include copying homework and labs, or even passing notes during a test. These students want to get good grades so that they are accepted into graduate programs and possibly given scholarships by these programs. As Colleen Wenke remarks, the "penalties for getting caught are mild."(1) She further explains how if a person would get caught, their punishment would be a zero on an exam, their parents won't be called, and often times a teacher would drop their lowest grade at the end of each quarter. In my experience in High school my teachers also dropped our lowest grades at the end of the quarter. Also, now that I am in college a few of my teachers drop the lowest grade or replace the lowest grade with the grade we get on our final exam. This means that if a student cheats on an exam and gets caught, the zero they received on it may be dropped at the end of the quarter. This is a great tool that students who are caught cheating can abuse. Kimberly A. Geddes's research paper, Academic Dishonesty Among Gifted and High-Achieving Students,

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