Serious Illness or Life Choice

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Serious Illness or Life Choice? Most people who have or know someone with an eating disorder would agree that eating disorders are a serious illness, not a life choice. They do not wake up one day and become anorexic. Eating disorders are a serious illness that many people suffer from all over the world. Those who have an eating disorder think it is the only way to cope with their pain. They are also life threatening diseases that insurance companies should pay for and the media’s pressure does not help one who has a disorder. Those with eating disorders develop this illness because they believe it is the only way to cope with their pain. According to The National Eating Disorder Association, “Those suffering try to use food and the control of food to cope with feelings and emotions that may otherwise seem overwhelming” (NEDA). One of the many ways those with eating disorders control their feelings and emotions are by simply to stop eating. They believe by not eating, they will make everyone happy, except themselves. They will lose weight and be perfect. “That’s the problem with eating disorders, like you can lose all the weight in the world. But it’s never going to be enough. You’re still sick in the head” (First), stated Demi Lovato in her Stay Strong Documentary, where she talked about her struggles dealing with her recovery of an eating disorder and other mental illnesses. There is a voice inside ones head that keeps saying what one is doing, is not enough. On top of refusing to eat, depending on the disorder, some may also continually exercise or purge/ binge (NEDA). Some psychological factors that have a huge impact on eating disorders are “Low self-esteem, lack of control in life, depression, anxiety, anger, stress or loneliness” (NEDA). Interpersonal factors include “Troubled relationships, difficulty expressing emotions and feelings, history of being
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