Don T Eat The Flan By Greg Critser Analysis

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Obesity has becomes a popularity controversial issue in today’s America. People hold different points on obesity. Some says that obesity is a kind of disease, and some think that it is the unhealthy food which leads civilian become obesity; here Greg Critser gives us a different view about obesity. In “Don’t Eat the Flan”, the author Greg Critser state that even we can see many titles or headlines about obesity, but no one look upon obesity in a morality way and gluttony has been considered as a non-sin. Critser found that whether a bookstore clerk or a famous professor don’t willing to see food in morality area, and there do not have any evidence to support that being overweight is dangerous. Gluttony seems to be legitimized in medicine and…show more content…
In paragraph nine “Don’t Eat the Flan”, Critser mentioned that “Telling people to not eat too much food is counterproductive. Worse, it leads to ‘stigmatization’, which can lead to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and bad body image. Though the consequences of being overweight, numerous and well documented, are dangerous, little if any evidence supports the notion that it is dangerous to stigmatize unhealthy behavior.” In the physical, being overweight will cause many kinds of disease, such as endocrine disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. While along a search says that the top three causes of death in the United State are currently cerebrovascular disease, cancer, and heart disease; obesity seems push us closer to death. It is dangerous, even people have been helped out of the obesity; the obesity will leave traces on their body. I had seen a girl who is 110kg in a Japanese TV show. She is lucky that she succeeded lose her weight from 110kg to 80kg. Whereas, her skin will stay flabby and will never recover. “I hope I never been that fat.” she finally said, with a low upset sound. Obesities always kind, because they do not have a good looking to attract people talk with them. Psychologically, they often feel self-abasement in interpersonal communication. They often feel nebbish in interpersonal communication, they become agitated and have periodic gluttony phenomenon. The girl I mentioned in the TV show, have an unpleasant past. At the beginning of her overweight, she is upset, and cannot control herself from eating food. She ate fast and lot and finally she became

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