Second Hand Cars for Sales

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E Commerce Friday, March 2, 2012 Assignment - Used car porter Below is a guide to your assignment. 1. Marketing plan 1.1 A marketing plan, for your assignment, is basically a promotion plan. That is, you need to draw up a plan (Or strategy, as some may call it) on what and how to promote your website with the aim of achieving your marketing objectives. 1.2 So, first, identify your target audience (Target users). Since this is a used car portal created for people who want to buy and sell second hand cars, it is obvious that there are two types of users: a. Second hand car buyers - Those who want to buy second hand cars; and b. Second hand car sellers - Those who want to sell second cars. They could be the individual car owners or second car traders. 1.3 Once target audience are identified, you need to identify the marketing objectives. In your case, the main marketing objective seems to be: to generate high traffic from both sellers and buyers of second hand cars. 1.4 Next, ask what would you do to generate high traffic from Sellers and Buyers. You need to do some research. Justify your answers. a. Sellers - i. Free offer - It is not likely, in today's context, that sellers would want to pay for listings on your website because there are too many competitive websites out there. One thing you may consider is to offer free listings for, say, 6 months. Sellers, however, may not mind paying for the advertisements if your website is proven to be effective. The free offer is to attract sellers to visit website and submit their listings. Free offer may also be given to magazine advertisers as a value-add to their existing advertising in the magazine. ii. Create awareness - To create market awareness, you need to advertise both online and offline (E.g. Newspaper, TV, brochures etc). Provide details of your advertising, e.g. Which websites to advertise? Any free

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