Unit 9 - P3

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P3 - Explain the role of advertising agencies in the development of a successful promotional campaign. Section 1 Within this task I will explain the role of advertising agencies and the services that they offer. The Marmite campaign, by DDB London, two TV ads which featured fictional political parties named the Love Party and the Hate Party, each either praising or attacking Marmite in a continuation of the brand's ongoing 'Love it or hate it' positioning. DDB had also worked on a campaign for John Lewis in the past for the Christmas advertisements. The ‘Love it and Hate it’ campaign included radio, TV, poster and press ads in 2010 which as the above-the-line campaign. Section 2 The aim of media planning is to reach the target audience in a cost-effective manner, to identify which media platforms would best advertise a client's brand or product. Planning is made to advertise, the media buying, such as radio time, TV adverts or space in magazines and newspapers telling the public about the product. This is done by DDB deciding the ‘best advertising options’, based on the product. This method of service offered by DDB as it consists of them matching demographics of a product with demographics of a medium. However as mentioned before it will involve different types of media such as; TV, radio, magazines etc. Media buying has been achieved by DDB as they provided posters, advertisement on the TV as they have to pay a free in order for the product to be shown of the different types of media. As DDB would have to design product to meet the needs of the customers as they would have to compete against other agencies that Marmite is ‘Loved’ more than its competitor, which is Vegemite. Posters around and within supermarkets would increase awareness to customers about the campaign. DDB designed the campaign for the public to vote online whether they ‘Love it or
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