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M3: Explain how the website assists in achieving the aims and objectives of the business user. For M3 I will produce a report for the family business that explains how the website assists in achieving aims and objectives. I will explain how the design and features will support at least 5 aims and/or objectives of the chain of sportswear shops. Increase Market Share For my shop I will write 5 SMART objectives: * Increase market share by 10% by 2013. * Introduce new product range every 3 months by researching competitive suppliers. * Customer incentive to increase sales e.g free delivery for orders over £50. * Increase profit by 15% in the next 2 years. * Increase amount of customer by 5% in the next year. I will gather market research for example through online feedback; this means we can improve customer service through feedback areas. Feedback online will help to make our website better which means if customers find it difficult to navigate the site they can fill in the feedback application. Here is my contacts page for my website page RRsports. Here customers can see where to find us and also ring if they have any complaints or queries. Customers can contact us by email, Mobile phone and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Market research will also help to compete with our sportswear shops online such as sports direct, JD sports and JJB. We could make our website better and offer deals which other sports shops online don’t offer. Once customers start shopping online we can offer new deals to attract new customers and also this could spread good ‘word of mouth.’ We will research our competitors websites to establish prices, merchandise and internet technology we are up against such as easier and faster checkout systems. We will also be able to establish credit terms and incentives the competitors are offering.

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