Bridgewater Engineering Company Case Study

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[30 MARKS] Bridgewater Engineering Company (BECO), a privately held machine shop, makes industrial quality, heavy duty machinery for assembly lines in other factories. It sells its presses, grinders and milling equipment using a few inside salespeople and telephones. This traditional approach worked well during the company’s start up years, but BECO is getting a lot of competition from abroad. Because you worked for the company during summers of your college years, BECO’s president, Tom Dalton, knows you and realizes that you are Web savvy. He wants to form close relationships with the steel companies and small parts manufacturers that are BECO’s suppliers so that he can tap into their ordering systems and request supplies when he needs them. Tom wants you to investigate how he can use…show more content…
This has resulted in an increased demand for second hand cars and the publishers are keen to exploit this. They would like to launch an e-commerce site that advertises second hand cars for sale on the Internet. The intention is that prospective buyers will contact the car sellers and make their own arrangements to evaluate and purchase the cars. The site will not be involved in the actual purchasing process, but will simply act as a marketplace through which buyers and sellers can meet. The publishers have asked you to assist them in developing the initial plan for the site. They would like you to focus upon a number of critical elements as far as the new e-commerce site is concerned: • What business model should be adopted for the site? • How should the site be marketed and promoted to potential users? • How to select an outsourced partner to develop and host the e-commerce site on behalf of the publisher? • What specific security threats is the site likely to face and how should these be countered? They have asked you to investigate these issues and provide them you’re

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