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Joe Student Clarke English IV, Period 1 April 20, 2010 Joe Student Clarke English IV, Period 1 April 20, 2010 Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: Symbolism and Style in C.S. Lewis’ Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe Hook (Attention Getter (what will draw the reader’s attention?)—quote, anecdote, description, unusual statistic, etc.). Background information (author’s name, title of work, genre (type/style), time period, exposition—characters and setting). Thesis (your assertion—opinion—supported with your reasons). First Body Paragraph (Biography)—Topic Sentence (How does the author’s life connect to my story?). Birth. Parents. Region. Education. Childhood. Young adult. Beginning career. Writing career (mention your work). Death. Second Body Paragraph (Historical Context)—Topic Sentence (How did the time period the author lived in influence his work?). Discuss the elements presented in Short Stories for Students under “Historical Context” and Gale Contextual Encyclopedia under “Works in Biographical and Historical Context.” Third (Themes)—You need a topic sentence that explains the themes (2-3) in your work. [Remember that theme must be a statement/complete sentence.] What is the author trying to communicate about the topic? What point is he/she trying to make? 3…show more content…
You need a topic sentence that explains how these elements of style reflect the theme/thesis (in other words, what do these devices help communicate to the reader?). Style element #1—RESTATE how this one element communicates the author’s intention/lesson/meaning—be specific. Three layers: 1. What your research had to say about that literary element. 2. An example from your text to support that element. 3. Your commentary that pulls them both together. (Do this, X2 or X3). Style element #2—Ditto. Style element #3—Ditto. Concluding sentence—How style contributes to the understanding of the

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