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Explaining Relationships Essay Guidelines Writing Prompt 1. According to the textbook, when exploring relationships, the goal is to "seek out some of the hidden dynamics of relationships, to discover the nature of a relationship, or to discover a relationship where one is not necessarily seen." 2. Review an example of an "Explaining a Relationship" essay from "Mugged," by Jim Crocket in the textbook. The author explains his relationship with coffee and discusses why everyone needs "…some small and securing daily grounding ritual." His examination of daily habits illustrates an individual's connection to these rituals. The author also examines his relationship with his morning cup of coffee in a broader focus, thus establishing a resonance or meaning with his audience. The author's unique…show more content…
Each part will be graded separately. * Explaining Relationships Essay Part I: Thesis and Outline * Explaining Relationships Essay Part II: Rough Draft * Explaining Relationships Essay Part III: Final Draft Explaining Relationships Essay Part I: Thesis & Outline (Due Day 3 of Module 1) 1. Begin composing your explaining relationships essay by developing a thesis statement and constructing an outline for your essay. 2. Use the “Explaining Relationships Essay Thesis & Outline Template” to complete the assignment. 3. Review “The Writing Process” media piece for instruction on how to develop a thesis statement and outline. 4. Your outline should be a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of your paper to help you clarify its structure. 5. GCU style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. Explaining Relationships Essay Part II: Rough Draft (Due Day 7 of Module 1) 1. Use the feedback you receive from your outline to write the rough draft of your essay. 2. Your rough draft should be at least 750-1000 words. 3. Be sure to include the

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