Dead Poets Society

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1u essay Dead Poets Society – a 5 paragraph essay The five paragraph essay consists of an introduction, three key statements in the body of the essay and a conclusion. In the introductory paragraph the most important sentence is the thesis statement, the main idea of your essay which you elaborate through the paper. Theme: Who is responsible for Neil’s death at the end of the novel? BEGINNING | 1. Paragraph – topic sentence: In this paragraph you state the main idea of your text, this is your thesis statement. You support this statement by developing on the topic sentence, by explaining and by giving examples: At the end of the novel Dead Poets Society, Neil who has been very actively involved in the Dead Poets Society kills himself. Neil….. | MIDDLE | 2. Paragraph – topic sentence: Some might accuse Neil’s father who …..of causing his son’s death | In the middle section you develop on your thesis statement though examples, explanations, comparisons. | 3. Paragraph – topic sentence: Others might find Mr Keating responsible for Neil’s suicide | | 4. Paragraph – topic sentence: Lastly the atmosphere and traditions at the school could be blamed for the development | END | 5. Paragraph – topic sentence – In this paragraph you sum up everything you have said and make a conclusion Apparently the number of people who are responsible for Neil’s death is quite large. However,….. | The stages you go through when writing an essay 1. Analyse and interpret your text(s) as an example of fiction/ non-fiction using the relevant tools mentioned above. 2. Pre-writing: Jot down ideas about thesis statement and other important points you want to make in your essay, special expressions you want to use, important quotations from the texts, etc. Help yourself by thinking: “This is what I want to make clear in this essay”, “I also want to

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