Case Study: Generals Die In Bed

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TERMS 1 & 2 - Unit 1 Outcomes Area of Study Content Summary of Learning Activities Outcome 1 Reading and Responding (Text) Text – ‘Generals Die in Bed’ - Reading journal, novel assignment / learning activities and analytical text response Outcome 2 Creating and Presenting (Writing) Students will develop their writing in response to the Context, ‘Conflict’ (chosen text, ‘The Crucible’) Students are to present a collection of pieces, in a variety of forms, along with their Statement of Intentions, responding in imaginative, persuasive and expository modes. (3 – 5 pieces) Outcome 3 Using language to persuade (Issues) Analysis of the use of written and visual language in the presentation of a point of view. Language analysis work •…show more content…
Students will be required to study the text and to develop the ability to prepare and construct a response to the text, using appropriate language in their discussion. Students should be able to identify and discuss key aspects of the set text, including how the writer constructs meaning and the ways in which social and cultural values are conveyed. Area of Study 2 Creating and presenting Students will be expected to read a range of texts relevant to the theme ‘Conflict’, including the play ‘The Crucible’, songs of Paul Kelly and the film, ’Kite Runner’. Drawing on the knowledge gained from these texts, they will create written texts. Area of Study 3 Using language to persuade The focus of this area is on the use of language in the presentation of a point of view. Students are required to read a range of print and non-print texts and identify and discuss how written and visual language is used to persuade an
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