When to Choose a Rhetorical Strategy

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Northern Caribbean University College of Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences Department of Humanities Essay 2 ENGL119: Freshman Composition I Section A By: Nickeisha Senior To: Yvonne Blagrove Smith Date: 23/06/2014 Rhetorical strategies are the efforts made by authors to persuade or inform their readers. Rhetorical strategies are employed by writers and refer to the different ways they can include the reader. Rhetoric strategies aim to improve the capability of writers to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. Rhetorical strategies include: narration, exposition, persuasive writing and descriptive writing. When deciding on which rhetorical strategy to choose for an essay given three important factors to consider are: the topic given, the purpose of the essay and also ones knowledge of the content or topic. The topic given for an essay can help to indicate which rhetorical strategy is best suited. A particular rhetorical strategy can be chosen based on the subject area the topic falls under. For example if the topic falls under Social science one may decide on which strategy to choose, it depends on which aspect of social science the topic is deals with. One may also choose a strategy if the topic is that of a trendy one, one may decide to state his /her opinion on the topic, inform of the effects of the issue or write a story which involves the issue. Also the topic itself how it is posed may indicate or ask one to write in a specific rhetorical strategy. Not only does the topic but also the purpose of the essay can help to identify which rhetorical strategy is to be chosen. For one to choose a particular strategy to choose one must know the aim of the essay. What is the essay being written for? Is it to persuade people to believe as you do, to explain to people how to complete a particular task, to
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