How To Write a Process Analysis Essay Proposal

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How to Write a Process Analysis Essay Proposal Purpose of an Essay Proposal First of all, an essay proposal identifies the topic you intend to write about. It also explains why you believe the topic is worthwhile, what purpose your writing about it will serve, and what benefits readers will gain from reading your work. Content and Method In your proposal, address the following questions: • What is the topic? Provide some brief background detail that defines it. • What is the purpose of the paper? That is, its purpose is to explain one of the following. (Here “X” represents your topic.) ▪ How X is made or done ▪ How X works ▪ How X happened ▪ How X (a problem) can be remedied (solved, as in problem-solution), including social or interpersonal problems. • What is your personal interest in investigating this topic? • What benefits will readers gain from reading your essay? • What is your preliminary, working thesis statement? When you write your proposal, do not simply list and answer the questions above one after the other. Rather, write the proposal in developed paragraph format. Length should be about one typed, double-spaced page. See the sample proposal that follows and use it as a model. Due date and posting Due by: Friday, November 4, 11:55pm. Post to the Process Analysis Essay Proposals forum. Les Ismore English 1010 – Process Analysis Essay Proposal Mr. Long November 4, 2011 Proposal: How to Introduce Children to a Love of Nature The role nature plays in the development of our children has never been more threatened than right now. So often it seems that urban planning leaves no room for woods and streams and places to see the natural world. Parents’ busy schedules leave no time to simply take their children on hikes in the Metroparks. Our

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