Writing A Worthy Essay: Easy!

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Writing a Worthy Essay: EASY! Writing a fabulous essay is a challenge for most of the students; however, teachers teach students with the hope of getting the best writing from them. Have you ever written a good essay following the right steps? A college essay is just more than one paragraph; therefore, you should have knowledge enough for writing the specific topic you will be writing about. In fact, you have to be organized so that the audience can understand what the purpose of your essay is about. In addition, in order to get the attention of the readers, you ought to be as creative as you can and precise in the whole essay, but most creative in the introduction. Indeed, you have to develop your essay into five paragraphs where the first one will be the introduction, the second, the third, and the fourth one are going to be the supporting body paragraphs; and the last or fifth one will be the conclusion. As you can notice, writing a good essay is simply enough if you follow these main strategies: prewriting, writing and revising (editing). The first step is using a method of narrowing your ideas down. Some useful methods that can help you to develop your ideas are: brainstorming, clustering, keeping a journal or freewriting. Try brainstorming to get some ideas. If this is not helpful enough, try to do a freewriting. Take out a piece of paper and think about what your topic is going to be, or what the purpose of your essay is about. Spend at least 10 minutes thinking and writing ideas down. At this time, don’t worry about the grammar, punctuation or spelling errors; just stay writing every idea that comes to your mind. In fact, you can make an outline of your topic after or before finishing the freewriting. This consists in doing a list of the main points of your topic. For instance: write down the thesis statement or main idea, and indicate the main points

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