School Wide Behavior Support Paper

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School Wide Behavior Support is is a whole-school plan which helps schools to create positive learning environments. This is achieved by developing systems to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviors. There are three tiers in this system. In this paper we will develop a Tier 1 plan. First you need to start out with a Leadership Team. This is generally volunteers from the school’s teacher population along with some administrators. Next, the school has to come up with a commitment that all teachers and staff will follow. This entails being role models for the desires behavior as well as being on board 100% with the Leadership Team’s decisions. The next step will depend on how proactive you want to be. Do you feel as a staff and as an administration that you feel you know what the needs are? Or should you perhaps do a survey asking what the needs are, both from the student population, the teaching population, as well as the community as a whole? The plan that I am setting up will go as follows. Once the Leadership Team is set up, we will meet and then briefly discuss why we each wanted to be on the committee. Secondly we will state concerns we have and lastly express how we think things could improve. Several survey’s will be written to cover all of our school’s…show more content…
Anyone can write something nice about someone else. For example, “Justice, you did a really great job at kick ball today” or “Bravo on your spelling test score!.” It gives you a visual feel of something positive as you walk into the building as a staff member, student or parent. It also makes students and teachers think of how to thank people for the positive, instead of focusing on the negative. It is amazing how quickly your mind-set can
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