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School Uniforms Picture waking up in the morning for school, knowing you have no options in choosing what to wear. You can’t express yourself because your school is forcing you to wear uniforms and it gets boring wearing the same thing every day. School uniforms are a bad idea because it causes discipline problems, they can be costly, and it suppresses individuality and self expression. My first reason against school uniforms is that they cause discipline problems. Uniforms can aggravate the students because they can’t express their style in clothing, causing them to rebel and act out in school. This leads me to my next point. Because the students can’t act out to the teacher without a consequence, students release their anger on someone else. Uniforms can cause bullying because students need somewhere to let out their rebellious spirit. Lastly, students might make “additions” to the uniforms. Students can intentionally make holes in the uniform or add whatever accessories they feel they need to at least make the uniforms presentable. For example, if the teacher scolds a child on covering a hole on his shirt, the kid might cover up the hole, but will degrade another part of their uniform to show how bad they can be. My second reason is uniforms can be costly. People think uniforms will save money since their kids wear the same clothes everyday for school, but it might actually be costing double. I know you might think uniforms are cheap since it involves one outfit, and you don’t have to buy new clothes all the time, however, what will happen outside of school? Parents are going to have to end up buying two different wardrobes, one for school, and the other for outside school activities. For this reason, the price people pay for uniforms will actually double, and will take more time for parents to go out and buy different types of clothes for their children.

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