School Should Start Late

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Should schools start later? Good afternoon teachers, parents and my fellow peers. I would first like to start off by thanking you all for making your time to come to this important assembly today. Today I will be representing the various concerns I have for my fellow students at this school. In my presence today, I would highly like you to think about something. Several of us come to school to learn, to make something of ourselves, though how can we make learning a goal, when our alarms constantly buzz at 6:00 am, every morning? Those of us that are in our final years of study will be leaving behind our memories and boarding the wider world. If we are allowed to vote, drink and drive what’s the harm of choosing what time we start school? In my presence today I would like you to question yourself, is adjusting the school hours, really an advantageous step to take? Many of us are simply not getting enough of what we deeply require, the single most important study tool, a good night's sleep. The real problem is that the body clock is delayed, so alertness comes later in the mornings, which drastically decreases the amount of sleep teenagers are getting. We live in a society that doesn’t value sleep, and therefore we are doing so poorly at school. Many of us should be getting 9 hours sleep, though a study has shown that 40 per cent of teenagers are chronically sleep deprived. If the schools hours are modified, then not only will teenagers be awake but their grades will change. Many of us have being confronted with this fatigue, which is present in many students. How many of you have witnessed a tired teenager falling asleep in class or simply just looking lost?These kinds of actions by students eventually result with arguments between them and their teachers and then this is how our precious learning is interfered with.This matter can simply be
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