State of Consciousness: Sleep Deprivation

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State of Consciousness: Sleep Deprivation Circadian rhythm is a regular biological rhythm with a period of approximately 24 hours and is fundamental adaptation. Circadian rhythm is associated with sleep deprivation because of many different factors. When circadian rhythms are disturbed it throws off our biological clocks and hormones, body temperatures, and digestive cycles. When you lose at least an hour of sleep every night, week after week and month after month it makes it more difficult for a person to pay attention and to remember things. It also causes the reaction time to slow down, sometimes behavior becomes unpredictable, ability to make decisions decline. People do not always know when they are not getting enough sleep and when you are deprived of sleep, you are craving sleep. My results from the sleep deprivation test were 11 points and I could not trace the star accurately with my nondominant hand. I also realized that I fall asleep after a lot of activities such as; watching TV, in class during lectures, eating heavy meals, within five minutes of me getting into bed. It’s also hard for me to wake up in the morning without an alarm clock, I struggle to get out of bed, and I hit my snooze button a lot of times. During the day I am very irritable, sleepy, stressed, I have trouble with focusing on things and remembering, I also have to take a nap just to get through the day and I have dark circles under my eyes. I agree with my results, I am very deprived of sleep and it is hard for me to sleep because my mind is always racing with thoughts. I can stay up for 24+ hours and then if I do fall asleep or take a nap I sleep no longer than 2-4 hours and I am right back up for hours. Steps I want to take to get more sleep would be to try and go to sleep at an earlier time. Maybe go to see a doctor and see about prescription sleeping pills to help me sleep

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