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“The Scholarship Jacket” by Martina Salinas is a story about a poor girl who has to conquer difficult obstacles to earn herself a scholarship jacket. Martha, who had been given away by her parents to her grandparents worked hard through school earning straight A’s throughout eight years of her life. This jacket was important to her because she could never participate in any of the school activities due to the fact of not being able to afford it, so this was her only chance to receive something that had meant a lot to her from the school. One day in May, Martha wandered from her history class to the school gym. She had forgotten that she left her shorts in her gym bag which was back in class. As she walked back to class, she heard voices arguing as she got closer and closer. The voices that were arguing were her two teachers, Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Boone. At first she could not believe her ears that they were actually talking about her, but it turned out to be a bad conversation. The two teachers seemed to be fighting about who would receive the scholarship jacket. Mr. Schmidt, who was on Martha’s side was arguing that Martha should receive the jacket over Joanne because her grades were much higher. As Mr. Schmidt came rushing out of the room, Martha quickly entered to pick up her gym bag and left without even talking to her teacher. That night, Martha was at home crying in her pillow so that her grandparents would not hear her. The next day, the principal of the school called Martha into his office so that he could have a talk with her. She knew right away that the talk would not be a pleasant one. The principal broke the bad news to her as he explained that there had been a change in the policy this year regarding the scholarship jacket, that it would not free that year and the cost would be fifteen dollars. If she was unable to pay the fifteen dollars, the jacket

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