Sam Patch The Famous Jumper

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Industrialization had a major impact on American society. It was a time of growth and expansion for the nation as a whole as it brought about new ideas and resistance to reformation. In many ways industry was helpful to America’s economy, but it was also a hindrance for the vast majority of the population. People like Sam Patch, otherwise known as the working poor, did not have much opportunity to advance in society, so as time passes there’s more resistance and protest to letting the rich get richer. The messages sent from the famous jumps of Sam Patch were the beginning of a new of democracy, and a fulfillment to the true meaning of the word equality. In the early 1800s there was already a change being made to American politics. Soon after the war of 1812 it was made a point to put some restrictions on presidency because the president had too much power (Pettengill). Distributing the power evenly amongst the other branches of government paved the way to a more independent American government, and created early ideas of a two party system. These early ideas made it possible for the different views of the rich and working class to have their own set representation as needed when capitalism, or free market enterprise, and common wealth made its way into American economy. Free market enterprise was a way for the artisans, or skilled workers, to make money by producing and selling their products. As technology advanced and more inventions were being created there also came better, cheaper, and faster ways of producing mass amounts of the same products. Factories and new means of transportation made it possible for industrialization to make a rise and excel American economy. While business was great for the owners of these companies and those who could afford better living it was a completely different story for the factory workers and artisans. “New Englanders
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