Pro Immigration Essay

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IMMIGRATION Immigration is a controversial topic to discuss because each person has a different opinion of that, but it can be supported in real information, such as, economic growth of the country that receive immigrants, among others. Entering in context, people that think that immigration only affect the country, only have a lack of tolerance and ignorance, because they only see the bad aspects of it and don’t evaluate the benefits that it can has. Immigration is a benefit to the country and it depends of the way in which you prefer to see the situation. In effect, the integration of people of different countries and cultures enrich the host country because allow that the country become multicultural. One of the reasons because immigration…show more content…
It is important to mention that it is an immoral action, but it is still a benefit. Continuing with the same example, Mexicans that immigrate to Unites States ignore their rights because they are not legal in this country, so they have to be hidden of the authorities and promote the inequality and discrimination against themselves like immigrants persons. Immigrants also help to the host country to improve its economy, because in the case of the United States almost the 40% of the workers in factories are immigrants and without them the factories couldn’t have the same production. In conclusion immigration has more benefits than damage to the country that receives immigrants. All of it because it makes an increase in the population of the country and in effect the economy of the country also increase by the reason that the factories improve. Also, people that do not accept the immigration only reflect a discriminated way of see the situation in which people only want one more opportunity to improve their life. Immigration has to be tolerated and promote the integration between
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