How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect America

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The early days of the Industrial revolution from 1800 to 1837 are a big change for America. It is principally a transformation in the economy due to the creations of new industries. Indeed, America shifts from an agrarian handcraft economy to a modern and technological one. However, even though the industrial changes brought economic advantages, it also brought stratification among Americans. In one side there is the working class fighting for his rights, and on the other side middle and upper class seeking their profits. As a result, frictions occur among the classes leading to a Democratic revolution. The industrial revolution has an important effect on America, but it is also a threat that creates frictions among classes…show more content…
(Patch, 4). The conditions in the factories in general are not are not the best. As an example, the Modern Times of Charlie Chaplin shows as a generality the conditions in the factory. Indeed, it is important to say that the purpose of a factory is to increase the production, but a constant work is negative for all human beings. As a result, it is possible to interpret the industrialization like another form of slavery because it is a nuisance to the worker’s freedom. Indeed, it is a fact; factories owner have a total control on the workers. They take decision without any consent, and they only seek their profits. In fact, Sam tells us about the factories owners’ behavior by denouncing the changes in the lunch hours. (Patch, 67) It is true that the workers are proud of their skills especially the spinners like in Sam Patch, but sometimes fighting back is an obligation. As a result, the workers decided to protest for their rights using different kind of actions. For example, Sam chooses to make a leap each time he has to fight for something. Indeed, the first time he jumped to fight against an aristocrat

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