Safe Dog Handling

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SAFE DOG HANDLING by Maggie Marshall, ABCDT (904) 442-5923 • • • • • • How to meet a dog - Handling a dog in and out of the kennel - Dog body language: the good and the bad. or What to do if the dog escapes and how to get him back. How to avoid danger and how to report an incident with a dog. See Dog Bite Scale Simple ways to improve a shelter dog’s life. Enrichment, exercise, training and consistency. The barker, the jumper, the hyper, the fearful, the aggressive. DOG WALKING: • Wear long pants and closed shoes. Wear a belt for an emergency leash or carry an extra with you. • Only walk dogs that you are confident you can handle. If you have any reservations, choose a different dog. • Find a walking partner if possible. Always consult a staff member about which dogs can be walked together. Do not introduce or allow dogs to play unless you have been asked to do so. • When walking a dog, use the door nearest to the dog’s kennel and avoid the lobby and visitors to the shelter. • Ask the staff which dogs need to be walked first, which dogs shouldn’t be walked and which dogs can run free in the Memory Garden. • Take a poop bag with you –they are near the sign in sheet. • How martingale collars and Easy Walk Harness are used. Demo. • Familiarize yourself with the dog’s kennel cards. • *If you could only give a dog one thing…..give it consistency. More Resources: The Whole Dog Journal The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Sophia Yin Anything by Patricia McConnell Shelter Dogs Documentary with Sue Sternberg (DVD) Dog Body Language 101 Signs of a happy/content dog: Head up or in normal position Tail relaxed/wagging (full range of

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