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Classical Conditioning Janeen Tipton PSY/390 April 2, 2012 Dr. Steve Lazarre Classical Conditioning Throughout the years there have been many different forms of learning associated with different paradigms. Learning in this realm is reached dependant on the subject and the formula that is used to reach one’s objectivity. One way to address this is looking at association between two stimuli’s and this is what psychologist Ivan Pavlov came up with one form of learning; classical conditioning (Domjan, 2005). Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning is best described as a type of associative learning in conjunction with a specified stimulus (Malaka, 1999). The ideology behind this type of conditioning…show more content…
Upon doing this continuously the dog still does not sit on command. At this point a form of a dog treat can be used as a way to get the dog to sit. As in Pavlov dog training of salivating, the same will occur in time, with the difference being that the dog will sit on demand with the stimulus of food being given for doing the deed. So the trainer (US) going outside to work with the dog with the door creaking open and thus causing some form of salivation which is the UR. The next stage is telling the dog to sit (CS) and after the dog sits a treat (CR) is received. The reader should keep in mind that this is done more than just once per day. The chart bellows shows the tasks that were done on each day for a period of two…show more content…
The Routine |Sunday |Monday |Tuesday |Wednesday |Thursday |Friday |Saturday | |Take dog |Take dog outside |Take dog outside|Take dog outside and |Take dog outside |Take dog outside and |Take dog outside | |outside and |and door creaks |and door creaks |the door creaks and |and door creaks |door creaks and show |and door creaks and| |door creaks |and tell dog to |and show dog how|show dog how to sit |and show dog a |dog a treat and tell |tell dog to sit | | |sit |to sit | |treat and tell to|to sit with physical |without a treat | | | | | |sit with physical|gestures |with physical | | | | | |gestures | |gestures | |Take dog |Take dog outside |Tell the dog |At this point, saying |Take the dog |Now at this point |The dog will

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