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Instead of scouring the neighborhood for batches of old newspapers, there are certain virtues that you need to develop if you want to housetrain your puppy properly, namely commitment, vigilance, consistency and patience. With these virtues - as well as following the guidelines that we will discuss below - you will be able to lessen and even totally eliminate incidents of soiling accidents inside your home. Always remember that when it comes to dogs, especially puppies, you need to be prepared for several accidents to occur. This comes with the territory of pet ownership. The key to all basic housetraining procedures is consistency; the more consistent you are in performing a regular housetraining routine, the faster it would be for your puppy to learn that this is the behavior that he or she…show more content…
Bring him to his potty spot with a leash. As your puppy is doing his business, say a word or a phrase ("Wee wee!" or "Pee!" or "Potty!") which he would gradually associate with the act of elimination. Eventually, every time he hears this word, your puppy would know that it is time for him to answer the call of nature. Once he is completely finished, you can reward him with some playtime or a longer walk outside. Rewarding your puppy for successfully eliminating outdoors is a part of the housetraining routine. However, remember that you only praise or give him a treat immediately after he has finished eliminating. Do not delay giving his reward until you are both inside the house. Rewarding your dog while you are both still outside would make him understand that he needs to finish his business there to get his treat. Also, make sure that he is completely finished before giving him a reward. Puppies are quite distractible, so that he may forget to urinate or defecate and end up finishing his business inside the

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