How to Give a Dog a Bath

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How To Give A Dog A Bath Dogs tend to get very dirty, and along with that, comes a very strong-smelling odor. This makes learning how to give a dog a bath an important part of caring for one’s pet. One may have the idea, or past experience, that their dog will run through the house half-soaped up and shaking water all over their new furniture; creating chaos, stress, and possibly damaged furniture. However, a dog’s bath time does not have to be an event to be afraid of if one plans ahead and gives him a bath he will enjoy. The first thing one will need to do is gather all of the bath supplies he will need to wash his dog, before he starts anything else. Items one will need include the following: a grooming brush or comb (whichever is better), dog bath shampoo, two cotton balls, a plastic pitcher for rinsing, a drain screen, and also a couple towels for drying. When choosing items to use on your dog, do not ever use products made for people, as they can damage the animal’s hair and skin. To prevent the water and soap from entering the dog’s ears, one cotton ball will be put into each ear. Additionally, the drain screen is a vital tool used to prevent all of the dog hair from clogging the drain. There are also two optional items someone might want to use when he is giving his dog a bath, special ophthalmic ointment and ear dry solution. The special ophthalmic ointment will keep his dog’s eyes from being burned by the shampoo, and this can be found at the local veterinarian or a pet supply store. Also, ear dry solution is useful if one’s dog is prone to ear infections. Once all of the bath supplies have been gathered, make sure that the door to the bathroom, or whatever room the dog is being bathed in, is closed to prevent any escape attempts. The first step to giving the dog a bath actually starts before he gets in the water. Always brush him before the bath to

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