SOC120: Ethical Treatment Of Animal Rights

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Ethical treatment of animals SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility In this essay I will discuss what the ethical treatment of animals is. I will go into the history of where it began and touch base on animal welfare and animal rights that are in place today as a result of the efforts made by concerned organizations. When I was growing up I really enjoyed class field trips to the zoo and petting farms. As a child I didn’t realize what unethical treatment of animals really was. My understanding was that we were not supposed to be mean to animals. Little did I realize back then that unethical treatment to animals was so much more than just being nice but that the zoo’s and petting farms I loved so much are…show more content…
Activists are constantly fighting for the ultimate goal of ending all animal use. They are fighting for animals to have the same rights as a human being. The end result would be no animals being consumed as food. Clothing could no longer be made from animals. Medical research or product testing could no longer be performed on animals. Also animals could no longer be hunted. This leaves us back to the problem at hand since everyone cannot agree on either choice. At this point we have met in the middle saying that we will treat animal as humane as we can. We will not make them suffer long painful deaths. Ethical treatment of animals can be solved using the deontology theory. “Deontology focuses on what we are obligated to do as rational moral agents. It is particularly important to see that the deontologist does not say that actions do not have consequences; rather, the deontologist insists that actions should not be evaluated on the basis of the action's consequences (Mossler, 2010).“ One example of the deontology theory in action is your livestock is being attacked by a wild animal. In efforts to protect your livestock you shoot and kill the wild animal. You shoot and kill the wild animal knowing the consequences it has. Contrasting my argument regarding deontology theory I choose ethical egoism which claims that for an action to be morally right it must maximize one’s self interest. As an ethical egoist you are only concerned about what is best for you. This means you choose not to follow the rules regardless of the consequences in order to meet your personal needs. One example would be killing hundreds of small rabbits to have a rabbit fur rug in your living room. My view on unethical treatment of animals is supporting animal rights. Although I may never see the day where it is illegal to eat, wear or kill animals I find happiness in knowing that they are treated

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