Animal Cruelty/Factory Farming

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A Glimpse of the Dark Side Most of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather and enjoyed going to zoos and circuses. What we never realized was the process it took to make that burger or how the tiger was trained to jump through the flaming hoop. People seem to push it to the side and think, well we need meat to live. Vegans do not believe in that, they actually prove that we don’t need meat or anything animal related, to survive but for the meat lovers, it would be nice to know that the meat they’re eating was treated the right way and was put off in a humane way. Animal cruelty needs to stop and if farmers aren’t willing to stop the nasty, brutal way they are killing animals, then what we can do is stop buying meat. Maybe not all at once but we could slowly stop buying so much. Along with that, we would also need to stop going to zoos and circuses. A lot of people think animals do not have feelings, but they do. They know when someone is being nice or being mean. You can see the love that dogs have towards their owners. Same with any other animal. Animals should not be tortured so that they can entertain us. In circuses they are forced to tricks that are almost impossible for them to do but they have to do it or they’ll get whipped. Besides being tortured for our entertainment, they also suffer in their “home.” They spend 96 percent of their lives in chains or cages. Out of the whole year, 11 months they travel long distances in box cars that do not have climate control; they eat, sleep and “use the restroom” in that same cage the whole time they are in there. When they get their breaks and are able to finally go outside, they are under extreme discipline that includes whipping, hitting, poking, and shocking with electrical pods. The USDA even sets minimum standards of care, unfortunately most of these places are not inspected. In late 2011, The Ringling Bros.

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