Why Might Meats Be Valued More Than Plants as Food in Many Societies?

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Why might meats be valued more than plants as food in many societies? Cultural Anthropology Week 2 Meats can play a very critical role in many cultures, not just for substance but also in some cases because of the environment they get more nutrition form meat than plants. Livestock is also seen in many religious texts, either as a symbol, sacrifice, or parable. Every Region has its own food that it finds desirable. Different cultures will select food their society is comfortable with or has a plentiful about of. For example in certain Asian cultures Canine is considered to be a delicacy, while in America Dogs are pets not food. Livestock throughout history has always carried a higher price than plants, the more livestock you owned the more wealth you possessed. Now different cultures place different values on livestock. For example Muslims, Hindu, and Jewish cultures find pork to be a taboo, in India they consider the Cow to be a scared animal. Livestock has also proven to be a means of pure survival. Early man used to hunt game using parts of the animal for tools, clothing, food, and in some cases helping to build a shelter. The American Plains Indians would hunt for Buffalo again using ever part of the animal. Livestock also can have an economic value for a culture. The American cattle industry has helped bring wealth and trade for the plains states and America as a whole. The Cattle industry which began in the early 19th century helped spur American growth and wealth. The cattle industry was a major driving force behind the railroad. There are many more examples of how livestock and meat impact a culture and show the reasons why most cultures will place a high value on meat versus plants. Though farming plants can be incredibly profitable there are many risk factors in it. Cultures that rely on farming must contend with the environment, petulance, and

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