Is Hunting Ethical?

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There is always controversy over hunting. There is the issue of right or wrong and the legal matters that go along with it. There are always two sides to an argument and this one is no exception. I believe that hunting is both right and wrong. There are some aspects of the act that just don’t seem right to me. I believe hunting can be a useful tool in population control and a large source of our food today. It also can be viewed as murder and simply not right. It all depends on who you ask and what their perspective is on the situation I believe that hunting is ethical as long as you kill an animal for a reason not just for a good time. Like Ann Causey, I think that if you want to hunt you should appreciate what you kill, and hunt for a reason to benefit you or other people. Hunters and their families should be thankful for the food they have after killing it. Ann Causey has a point that people should understand and follow what she says about hunting. More people in the world should be thankful and appreciate the things they kill instead of hunt for no apparent reason. Causey argues that hunting has the potential to be considered moral and ethical, as long as those who hunt display a more humane attitude toward the animals they kill. Also, she makes it quite clear that hunting for sport and reducing an animal to nothing but points and pounds is an activity that can never be argued as moral. Over all, Causey does an excellent job looking at both sides of hunting. She understands the reasoning and thoughts from both hunters and non-hunters. Her opinion consists of both arguments. The story lets the readers know how she feels there is no problem with hunting, if the hunter has the correct understanding and thoughts about it. Instead of thinking about game just as an object to kill, Causey believes non-hunters would have a smaller problem if the animals were respected
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