Summary: Understanding Rhetorical Structures

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Understanding Rhetorical Structures Understanding Rhetorical Structures ITT Technical Institute Mr. Scott 6/27/2015 ITT Technical Institute Mr. Scott 6/27/2015 Phillip Wilson Source of Information * Phillip Wilson Source of Information * "The Responsibility to Conserve Wild Species” is an article where the author argues from his self-proclaimed conservationist viewpoint that all interventions to preserve wild species are justifiable. In the article, the milestones are fairly clear and seeing the issue occurs in the first paragraph. The author explains how…show more content…
It is wrong when it tends otherwise." He supports the idea from two perspectives. First from the utilitarian point of view, he explains that not attempting to conserve wild species jeopardizes resources that humans depend on. The second view, the bio centric position, he emphasizes that wild species have an 'inherent right to exist. I think that to him there are just no other options and he does not want readers to begin to consider not intervening in the lives of wild animals in order to conserve them. Other than this, he does an excellent job of defining his position and then conservationists' ideas of integrity, stability and beauty. He moves on to claim that "human beings are the single largest contributor to this global degradation (of natural systems and biological diversity)." In the third paragraph, it addresses the faulty ideas of words such as "pristine," "undisturbed," and even "wilderness." These words refer to an unattainable ideal in our modern world. Humankind is everywhere and making an impact always. At last, a final and most intrusive proposal is made in the sixth paragraph. Bringing wild animals into captivity is an area most all of us are familiar with because of our childhood visits to zoos and wildlife parks. This paragraph could incite some pathos which I believe the author should have capitalized on. He gives us three good reasons for supporting this option and even uses a bit of logos, though more would be appropriate in my
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