Ryan White Care Case Study

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The policy problem is complex and exists both in the Medicaid system as well as the Ryan White Care act both of which cater to a portion of the HIV infected community. A major issue in the policy is financing these services and standardizing the protocols for prevention throughout the entire system this would simplify the problem. Healthcare workers as well as physicians need to be properly educated on how to convey preventative measure education to at risk populations. This shortage of programs would need to be addressed by implementing policy changes. Some examples of beneficial programs are needle exchange programs as well as counseling for non enrolled partners of infected individuals, and peer support groups,…show more content…
The policies regarding education about HIV prevention absolutely need to be refined in order to meet the needs of the risk population and reduce infection rates. One of the most important factors when considering a policy change like this is training. In both programs there is no doubt that there will need to be finances available to pay for the services as well as educational courses for physicians and other healthcare workers in order for them to provide information about these preventative services. The factors that are holding back preventative services from being offered are clearly explained for both Medicaid and the Ryan White Care Act. Each case seems to vary with which services are available for utilization and which services either program covers. There will need to be a lot of planning for support groups, needle exchange programs and other services that will support this community. Practitioners will need to take courses in how to implement prevention methods into primary care practices. The integration of these factors will be essential in order for this program to be successful. If there was more data about what the success rates for the people who have attended some of

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