Reflection: My First Clinical Practice

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ntroduction This assignment is a reflection that I undertook during my first clinical practice, using Driscollâs (2000) reflective model, a recognised framework to demonstrate my ability to reflect critical thought in theory to practical skills. Reflection is defined as process of explaining and expressing from oneâs own experiences and helps to enables us to develop and improve our skills and knowledge towards becoming professional practitioners (Jasper, 2003). Temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration are the vital signs that indicate the condition of someoneâs ability to maintain blood flow, regulate body temperature, rate of breathing and heart-beat (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE, 2007). A small change in one vital sign can lead to detention in another vital sign. This assessment was analysed and interpreted in order to record and measure the vital signs accurately which…show more content…
This skill will be useful to me as a learner because I am not yet confident about explaining the situation if being asked by someone and nursing is all about good communication and practice to illustrate the different condition of the patient and their family members. As a next step, I need to concentrate more on my practical skills such as practising on taking blood pressure with the correct procedures, communication skills and my confidence level in order to achieve success in my further clinical assessment. In conclusion, looking at the some key factors now I realise how important communication is in order to understand the client needs, feelings and reactions. The concept of reflection is helpful in order to know my strength and weakness and also give me the concept to justify specialist practice in the light of further evidence-based care, accountability and practice. Also I have learnt that reflection can be used as a tool in order to turn an unpleasant experience into a positive
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