Rural Living Vs. Urban Living In China

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I have been living in the rural region for 19 years and have been living in the urban region for 8 years in China. I come from a country in the Hunan Province, the south of China. Before I entered the university in the city, I had been living in the rural areas. So I have lived both in the rural and the urban areas in China. Now I attempt to compare the two different lives. The compare or contrast is based on the life experiences in China, not in other counties because I am only familiar with China. The country is beautiful and peaceful. The breath is sweet. I have usually gone to the crystal river to swim all the afternoon when I was young. People are staring at the blue sky when they are swimming. The sky is so blue that the people feel that their minds are open up to the sources of peace. In contrast, in the city of China, for example at Beijing where the Peking University locates, the atmosphere is so bad that the lung and throat feel uncomfortable. If one likes swimming, he has to go to the natatorium. People of the rural region, especially from the same village, are familiar with each other. They keep good relationship. People communicate with others by words. People help each other. I remember, my family often exchanged delicious food with my neighbors and we shared good food. The boys from the same village are very good friends and partners. The friendship is a sweet memory. In contrast, in the city, people may not know his neighbors unless they are from the same corporations. There are some scandals such that one person has been in death for many days but his neighbors did not know he had died. Such things would never happen in the rural areas. China is in the transition. People flow from this place to that place, hunting for the job and changing the job frequently. People live in the same community just because they happen to buy the house from the same

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