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Six Flags New-England Six Flags is regarded as the undeniable leader in thrill ride innovation; furthermore, Flags Six Flags New England is the best destination for family fun with children's favorites rides and amusements Last year my family and I, decided to visit six flags New-England, at Springfield Massachusetts. It was a sunny day of June 25th, 2011, when we took a bus early morning. The bus was been rented by the company in which my friend works for. My friend company organizes that trip, and allows each one to invite friend and family to go for that visit. Our journey started to the children ride, where they enjoyed ,first Daffy’s Hollywood tours, a unique bus driven by one and only Daffy Duck. Second kid’s ride was Looney tunes animation department that…show more content…
Immediately after the break, we took the direction of the water park. At that moment the temperature was in the 80 degree. My family and I, were so hot and couldn’t wait to refresh ourselves in the cool water, we walked about half mile before we reached the water park. We went to the locker to put on ours swimming wears and my kids jumped first in the water. The water being cool for my wife and me, we were hesitant to enter on it. The children started to splash water on us. We decided afterward to join them in the water. After that everybody went to different part of the water park, the first one was called Adventure River that was a tube down 1,000 foot, encountering waterfalls, where water bursts and geysers along the way. The next one was called big Kahuna in which we hop on the four slide inner table complex and get propelled down a criss-crossed course into a pool

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