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Are our identities made up by other people around us? In the novel, Blue Helmet, by William Bell a young boy named Lee Mercer struggles to find his identity. Lee Mercer is trying to become a member of a gang. He is trying to belong to some one. His dad is never around for him, he always at work. Lee has been in trouble with the police, more than once. Lee’s dad is sending him to New Toronto to live with his aunt reena..Initially, some people may believe their identity is not influenced by others. However. This may stop some people from discovering their true selves, finally some people will realize that through various events their identities are definitely influenced by outside sources. Initially, Lee Mercer is an aggressive adolescent who is trying to find his identity. His dad is never around. Lee’s dad work two jobs, because before lee’s lee mom died of cancer. He took her on a trip and now he has to the bank back. Since his mom’s death, Lee has bean alone. All lee wants is someone to be long to. Since he is not getting that he’s been in a lot of trouble with the police “you’ve burned all your bridges” a police officer says to Lee when he brings him home after catching him during a gang initiation. Lee wants to become a member of the Tarantulas because”if you belonged you didn’t need to worry about anything... you always have a place to go, someone to turn to. Lee feel like and outsider. He is searching for an, important part of his identity a sense of belonging. When he is at Rena’s he would leave the house at night. He would come back because he had no were else to go. He feels like Rena’s place is not”a home” but rather a place to stay for now. Lee is a very stubborn teen age. He “cut the connection” of the phone with his dad. This symbolizes the fact that lee is cutting the connection with his dad, this is stopping Lee from important part of his identity.

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