Rome Vs. Han China

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AP World History Comparative Essay: Rome vs. Han China People have been arguing about which empire is the greatest out of Ancient Rome and China for the longest time. Everyone has their own opinion on the subject matter but you should look at the facts before you decide. The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty came about around the same time. Differences in culture and government caused them to be different, but even though these empires did not really have contact with one another, there were many similarities. The heartland of China was very large and cohesive both geographically and culturally. During the time of the Han Dynasty in China, there were around 60 million people. Chang’an housed more than one million people. In an ideological standpoint the China Confucianists had belief in a well-ordered empire being the best possible government. They believed and spoke of a mythological “golden” age consisting of equality of people living in harmony which both each other and nature. Many of today’s Chinese population that is considered “Han” are descended from ancestors who were in fact not. The Chinese who were considered “non-ethnic” were absorbed culturally as well as biologically. Supported by the power of the emperor and his armies, the empire was held together along with a great importance of Buddhism and Confucian. The alternative political cultural philosophies of China (Daoism, Legalism, and later Buddhism) mostly broadened the attraction of Confucianism. However, the Confucian bureaucracy was a core cultural identity throughout the China Empire. The China Empire nurtured foreign religions usually during times of imperial disorder. When referring to the role of the emperor, the Chinese selected a man who could control the imperial family and court because they believed that eventually the Mandate of Heaven would pass from one dynasty to another. The Qin,

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