Romans Road Evangelism

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Methods of Evangelism Joshua D Brown Liberty University Online Evangelical Method 1: The Romans Road Summary of Method – The Romans Road is potentially a very effective method of leading someone to Christ. Following a selection of verses from the Book of Romans, the evangelist can take the intellectual approach towards leading the broken to their Savior. Much like any road in life, the Romans Road has a beginning and moves toward a destination in a methodical and systematic way. At the beginning, in Romans 3:23 and 3:10, we learn that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory and that none among us is righteous. This is where we (or the individual(s) you are ministering too admits they are a sinner. The next step of the journey occurs in Romans 6:23 where we find out that all of us deserve death for the sins we commit. This is where we figure out that on our own we are hopeless but that by asking the forgiveness of God we may be given Salvation. Next along this road we reach Romans 5:8 where the sacrifice that was made for us is revealed. God sent his only human son to willingly give his own life so that we may life forever. Finally we reach the destination in Romans 10:9-10, 10:13 and 10:17. This is where God’s creations learn that all they have to do to gain Salvation is confess their belief in Jesus and the price…show more content…
Why does Adaptive Evangelism work best for me? As stated above, every situation is different. I have walked many paths in my life and I can speak from experience that it would have taken different tactics at different times to have any hope of reaching me. To think that any one method will work for everyone is absurd. I think on my feet, my mind moves a million miles a minute. I am able to quickly assess where someone is coming from and how best to approach them with a very high degree of accuracy. As such, I am able to determine which method to use with which person…Adaptive
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