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Worldviews Assignment Linda Pickering August 28, 2012 APOL 104 PART 1 Worldview refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an individual, group or culture interprets the world and how they interact with it. Different denominations of Christianity have varying worldview. There are varieties of particulars within the Christian worldviews, and disputes of the meaning of concepts in a Christian worldview. There are certain thematic elements that are common in the Christian worldview. There are three worldviews that are prominent they are, Naturalism, Pantheism, and Theism. A student may also have a different approach in their worldviews. Each person must ask themselves personal questions…show more content…
It is noted that you need a personal intimate relationship with God thru his son Jesus Christ. In (Deuteronomy 11:13) it states simply you should love your neighbor as you do yourself. Christianity is about relationships with God, not to simply follow the tenants of religion. 4) QUESTION OF MORALITY: Morality is the difference between right and wrong, a how you should live your life. In (Psalm 5:15) IT states that man is born a sinner and cannot save himself. You can only achieve salivation by the grace of God through faith in our Lord, not by ones work, only thru true salvation. (Ephesians 2:840) (2:8-10) 5) QUESTION OF DESTINY: It is thought that our ultimate disunity is in our communion with God. We find this in (John 15:1-6) those who are not connected with God are cast away, thus what happens after death is dependent on the choices we make in our personal lives, and our lives with God. In (Peter 3:15) we are ask to be prepared to give answers and to help those who ask for help but to do it with gentleness and

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