Roman Influences on Modern Society

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Roman Culture has had many influences on the way we build and live in modern civilization. Many aspects of our government system were conceived and perfected in the roman culture. Building techniques and engineering concepts that now form the backbone of our infrastructure were invented thousands of years ago out of necessity by the Roman Empire. The Romans were also largely responsible for the spread of Christianity, which was (and is) a large part of our development as a society. The Romans were one of the first civilizations of their kind, their 1000 year reign of power found them Making new discoveries and inventions out of necessity to support their ever growing society. As the roman empire grew, cities became larger and larger, as did the recourse requirements to keep them sustained. The Romans found that a high population compact city could be very productive, and very powerful, but the natural resources in the immediate area became too sparse to support the massive growth. Most towns prior to the roman empire were small enough in population that resources such as food and water could be taken easily from the surrounding areas without fully depleting them. And waste could be easily disposed of because f the relatively small amount. The problems Rome started to encounter were that the demands of their massive empire were greater then what the area could provide, so they were forced to look further for water, food, and ways to get rid of their waste. This forced innovations such as sewers, aqueducts and roads. Roman Ingenuity created techniques and materials that are still being used today, by almost all cultures. They invented the first evolution of cements, which enabled architecture and engineering to advance leaps and bounds over previous cultures and styles of building. Concrete also spurred further development of basic physics and engineering ideas,

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